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Admission Procedure

To enroll into Lukenya Academy is very easy. A prospective parent is invited to visit the school beforehand, and is taken round the school, so they can inspect the facilities. They also get to ask questions about specific areas they are concerned about. We provide any extra information they might not have at the end of the tour.

For very young children…up to grade 3, there are no interviews, the child wins a direct entry. From grade 4 to 6, the child has to do an interview. An interview fee of Ksh 1000 is charged, for facilitation.

The subjects tested are Maths, English and Science. If the child passes this written interview, admission forms are issued, and relevant information is issued, concerning uniforms, text books and term dates. Interviews are usually conducted in the school holiday months.

There are no interviews or admissions for classes 7 and 8.




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