Extra-Curricular Activities and Clubs

We pride ourselves at Lukenya Academy that we offer all our children opportunities to participate in a wide range of extra-curricular clubs at key points throughout the year. These clubs are sports based as well as having an academic focus and enable our children to extend their interest and build on their skills through a variety of extra – curricular activities. Our sporting clubs include: Netball, Football, volley ball, swimming and Athletics. We hold a sports day for athletics in first term and for ball games for 2nd term Parents are informed of forthcoming events dates in letters which are sent out during the year, providing details of times, dates and the member of staff running the club. Furthermore, other clubs offer other elements which are non–sports based and these include; cookery, debate, scouting, choir, and music sessions.



Lukenya is very active in Sports. We have football, basketball, swimming, badminton, table tennis, lawn tennis taekwondo among many others.

In swimming, we have participated in galas across the country, with very pleasing results.

Football is the most popular game here. We have played both locally, and in international tournaments like Dana Cup in Denmark, and Costa Daurada Cup in Spain. We have won trophies every year since 2008. The training is always by professionals.  Every November, there we hold a Talent Camp that hosts 10 to 16 year olds. In this camp there is rigorous training in basketball, football, swimming, film production and acting, and cookery.

Drama and Music

Lukenya Academy has made a name in the region, for the quality of plays and music we produce. We participate in music and drama festivals every year, and always get to the national competitions. We boast of a fully kitted out music and drama departments. We produce short documentaries and films which are all available on YouTube. Some of the titles include “Lost in the Hills:”, “Escape from Hell”, and “Out of all days” just to mention a few. All the script, directing, acting and production is done by our students. There is a lot of talent here!